How to: protect windows in children’s rooms – an expert’s guide.

Our child’s room should not only be beautifully furnished but also it should be a safe place to play and learn. We should watch themfurniture, particularly it’s borders, and the windows. What should we do to the windows and balcony doors to allow the kids to be light-hearted within the four walls of their room ?

Safe handles

To increase the safety of our child at home it’s good to have windows, in which there are handles with a key. That makes it impossible for children to open a window themselves.


Additional buffers

You can connect comfort with safety when using the Filplast „Baby Safety Lock“, which is a blockade that will protect your child from falling out of the window. The blockade makes it impossible to open the window, but you can easilly open it slightly and let some air come in. A big advantage is an easy montage in all types of windows (PVC, Aluminum).


An appropriate glazing

Everyone should inform and choose an appropriate glazing for themselves. An antiburglar glazing will resist the kids‘ crazy ideas. Even if they hit the glazing with a heavy item it won’t brake.


The good choice of a PVC window

An advantage of these windows is – they’re easy to clean. If our child will paint or write on the window frame, we will get it off without damage and effort.

Don’t forget that your child’s window shouldn’t only look beautiful,at the end of the day it should be safe, because that’s what matters most. Those blockades, handles and antiburglar glazings are just some of the things we can do for your kid’s safety.


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