ClimaStar 82 AD

We are the windows that meet the highest thermal, acoustic insulation and safety standards. Our smooth and dirt resistant surfaces cause, that we don't need frequent care.
Insulation 0,80W/m2*K
Soundproof max 48dB
Security max RC2
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Product information

ClimaStar 82 AD is:

  • A 7-chamber frame profile and a 6-chamber wing profile with the building depth up to 82 mm, which makes it possible to reach very good warmth parameters;
  • External profile walls with the thickness of 3 mm, which meet the highest RAL standards - "CLASS A" (PN-EN 12608)
  • A layout of three gaskets ( one median and two tightening gaskets ), which provides an excellent tightness and an excellent acoustic and thermal insulation;
  • A profile with a classical optic and balanced proportions, which makes it possible to fit windows with every elevation type;
  • A total frame and wing height of only 124 mm, which provides a very good interior elucidation
  • The possibility of using glazing up to 52 mm without any additional profiles;
  • Reinforcements made of steel, used on the whole construction circuit, which provide an excellent static stability and a long-term functionality;
  • Smooth, easy in caring surfaces, which don't need conservation;
  • 13-mm axis of the fitting notch is a better protection from the burglary;
  • A decreased liquefaction of water vapor on the glazing
  • It's more difficult for burglers to force the window because of the deposition of the glazing at the depth of 25 mm;
Building depth

82 mm

Thermal insulation

In connection with a standard window with the Ug= 0,7 W/m2K the Uw=0,91 W/m2K. With a glazing with the Ug=0,4 W/m2K the Uw=0,8 W/m2K.


Modern EPDM gaskets with a shape memory, available in: black, gray or optionally caramel.


In the standard, they're equipped with 1 anti-burglary catch. It's possible to execute the ClimaStar 82 AD windows in the safety class up to RC2

Number of chambers

7 (frame)

6 (wing)


The modern Maco Multi fitting, equipped with anti-brake in plugs i.S (intelligent Safety)


The ClimaStar 82 AD windows are in the standard equipped with a compound glazing 4/12/4/12/4 (aluminum frame) with the Ug factor Ug=0,7 W/m2K.