ClimaStar 82 ALUPLUS

We connect the advantages of a PVC and an aluminum window uniquely, we willingly appear in the modern architecture and protect our inmates from burglary, losing warmth and noise. We are windows from the top shelf.
Insulation 0,77W/m2*K
Soundproof max 48dB
Security max RC2
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Product information

ClimaStar 82 AluPlus is:

  • an organic and economical symbiosis of two materials, which connects the thermal insulation of PVC windows in the ClimaStar82 system with the robustness of the aluminum windows;
  • Using every advantage of the modern PVC windows: the excellent thermal insulation, tightness, easy maintenance and safety parameters
  • An unlimited colour diversity
  • the possibility to produce windows in every colour of the RAL palette, anodic aluminum or wooden-like colours;
  • The possibility of an optical fitting of the PVC window to the aluminum facade;
  • Optics on the highest level but also an excellent protection of noise and burglary;
  • The ClimaStar 82 AluPlus windows excellently fit every architecture style and fulfill the highest expectations of the conventional and modern architecture.
Building depth

82 mm

Thermal insulation

In connection with a standard window with the Ug=0,7 W/m2K the Uw=0,90 W/m2K. With a glazing with the Ug=0,5 W/m2K the Uw = 0,77 W/m2K.


Modern EPDM gaskets with a shape memory, available in: black, gray or optionally caramel


In the standard, they're equipped with 1 anti-burglary catch. It's possible to execute the ClimaStar AluPlus windows in the safety class up to RC2

Number of chambers

7 (frame)

6 (wing)