Aluminum structures are very popular in various types of service facilities, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and other modern places. They are elegant and durable. High-quality materials are used for their production, thanks to which aluminium doors are resistant to weather conditions, mechanical damage and burglary.

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AluStar 86 doors

AluStar 86

Very good thermal insulation and the possibility to construct structures of great weight and size - AluStar 86 is recommended for energy-efficient construction and projects with exceptionally large doors (e.g. churches, offices, office buildings, banks and multi-apartment buildings).


AluViva 62

Aluminium system that protects against heat loss in rooms, thanks to the use of insulating material between thermal breaks. These doors are recommended for public buildings and multi-apartment constructions.


AluStar 70

AluStar 70 is a three-chamber system that enables the production of very tight and energy-saving doors. It is recommended for buildings where thermal and acoustic insulation is particularly important. The frame and the leaf in this system are of equal depth, so that the door is leveled with the frame.

AluViva 77 doors

AluViva 77

The system provides high resistance to rainfall and wind gusts. The special insulating spacers used in this construction reduce heat transmission and increase acoustic comfort. We recommend AluViva 77 doors for public buildings, collective housing and industrial-style single-family houses.


AluStar 45

A system for creating simple and robust constructions. The used glazing gaskets are fixed in a continuous manner - without cutting them at corners. This makes the door watertight and provides good protection against strong wind.


AluViva 102

The AluViva 102 door profile is equipped with an innovatively shaped central seal that increases the thermal insulation of the structure. These doors are extremely durable, energy-efficient and airtight. The system meets the conditions of passive construction. We recommend it for residential construction and various types of public utility buildings.


AluStar 104

AluStar 104 doors are one of the warmest systems available on the market - they meet the requirements for constructions used in passive houses. They are also distinguished by very good sound insulation, water tightness and resistance to strong winds.