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Constructions with higher parameters of safety, energy efficiency, sound absorption and resistance to wind and rain in comparison to standard solutions.


A modern rolling garage door is recommended for free-standing garages and garages located in the body of the house. Thanks to its high-quality components, the construction is resistant to extreme temperatures, strong winds and heavy rain.



10 kolorów standardowych



Maximum height

3,6 m

Maximum width

4,5 m

Profile system


Profile thickness

18 mm

Wind load resistance

klasa 2 (450 Pa)

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JustSlide 140

JustSlide sliding doors are in line with contemporary architectural trends, making it possible to create structures with very large glazing. The sash can be moved along the unopened part of the structure very easily and with minimum force. Thanks to an innovative locking mechanism, after turning the handle down, the movable part of the door is gently tightened to the frame profile.

PSK AluViva 77

A terrace system with high resistance to strong wind and rain. It enables the production of structures with large surfaces in various configurations and arrangements. PSK AluViva is especially recommended for modern facade and interior arrangements.

AluStar 86

AluStar 86 is a very durable system that allows the creation of large-sized structures, It is resistant to strong wind and other weather conditions.

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Intense 77

The Intense rolling garage door is made of materials resistant to mechanical damage and adverse weather conditions.

  • Designed for multi-cyclic operation
  • Resistant to strong gusts of wind
  • Possible segments connection

LPU 42

Sectional garage door available in a wide range of patterns, colours and embossments

  • Easy to match with the architectural style of the building
  • Available with unique Duragrain surface
  • High structural stability