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Constructions with higher parameters of safety, energy efficiency, sound absorption and resistance to wind and rain in comparison to standard solutions.

LPU 42

The LPU 42 garage door is made of steel segments filled with polyurethane foam. It is equipped with high-quality seals between the individual segments, as well as between the segments and the frame, which makes it perfect for heat insulation.

LPU 42


15 kolorów standardowych



Maximum height

3 m

Maximum width

6 m

Profile system

LPU 42

Profile thickness

42 mm

Wind load resistance

klasa 3 (700 Pa)

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The C-80 model is characterised by slats with curled ends, which are stiffer and more resistant to wind gusts. Thanks to that fact, it is possible to produce blinds of larger dimensions.

RK Therm

RK Therm is an innovative top mounted roller shutter which will reduce your heating and cooling expenses by up to 30% within a year! An additional advantage of this system is the possibility of enclosing the box and the guides.

Viva 83

Viva 83 is distinguished by very good insulation. The innovative Acrylcolor profile coloring system is available for this type of window. Thanks to the acrylic glass coating, the window is much more resistant to external factors.

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Intense 77

The Intense rolling garage door is made of materials resistant to mechanical damage and adverse weather conditions.

  • Adapted to operate in many cycles
  • Resistant to strong gusts of wind
  • Possibility of segmental connection

LPU 67 Thermo

LPU 67 Thermo is the warmest garage door

  • Equipped with humidity sensors
  • Constant ventilation regulation
  • For energy-saving construction