Sectional garage doors

They open upwards vertically. It allows you to save space in front of and inside the garage. Its components lie flat under the ceiling, leaving the entire garage opening space available. The sectional door elements can be adapted to any type of garage. They are resistant to weather conditions and mechanical damage. They are distinguished by the highest thermal insulation among other garage doors.

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The Renomatic door is made of sections with a thickness of 42 mm, which guarantee high heat insulation. Its internal part is galvanized and…


LPU 67 Thermo

The thickness of the LPU 67 Thermo door sections is 67 mm and is maintained along their entire height. This door is…


LPU 42

The LPU 42 garage door is made of steel segments filled with polyurethane foam. It is equipped with high-quality seals between the…