Top-mounted roller shutters

We recommend this type of roller shutters for use in modernized buildings. They can be installed independently of windows, at any stage of the project. The roller shutter is rolled up into a box located on the wall or in the frame. We offer a wide range of colours and shapes of boxes. This type of roller shutter can also be flush mounted, in which case the box and the guides are hidden in the window recess.

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RMK is a top-mounted roller shutter. After installation, the box is invisible. The use of roller shutters significantly reduces heating costs in…


Veka Variant 2.0

Veka Variant 2.0 is an external top-mounted roller shutter with high energy and acoustic insulation. It can be used both in newly…


RK Therm

RK Therm is an innovative top mounted roller shutter which will reduce your heating and cooling expenses by up to 30% within…