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ClimaSlide 82 Motion

Excellent thermal insulation properties, very high tightness, the possibility of creating large structures – ClimaStar Slide 194 will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users. This system is enriched with an aluminum cover which makes it look like an aluminum structure, while maintaining the advantages of the PVC system.

ClimaSlide 82 Motion

Installation depth




Number of compartments

7 / 5

Profile system

Vekamotion 82




do 42 dB

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ClimaStar 82 Alu

ClimaStar 82 Alu combines the advantages of PVC and aluminum windows. It allows the visual adjustment of the PVC window to the aluminum facade. It is a very tight, safe, easy-to-maintain and durable system.



The system is mainly designed for use in existing buildings. The boxes are made of high-quality aluminum sheets, they can have a pentagonal (SK) or oval (SKO) shape.

PSK ClimaStar 82 Alu

The Climastar 82 Alu MD terrace system is a combination of the advantages of PVC and aluminum systems. It is an extremely tight, safe, easy-to-maintain system, and most importantly - it's durable and resistant to deformation under the influence of high temperatures.


The Z-90 blind is the most room-darkening model. It is very effective in reducing the access of light to the room. They are equipped with a profile that silences the system when it closes.

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ClimaSlide 82 Motion

ClimaSlide 82 Motion

A system that enables the production of large structures ensuring a high level of room illumination

  • A flat threshold, that is flush with the floor
  • Structures up to 6.5 m wide
  • The gasket system ensures perfect tightness

AluViva Slide 180

A modern lift and slide system that effectively protects against the cold, rain and wind

  • The possibility of obtaining very large glazings
  • Leaf width up to 3.3 m and weight 440 kg
  • The non-threshold design allows using the passage freely