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AluStar 70

AluStar 70 is a three-chamber system that enables the production of very tight and energy-saving doors. It is recommended for buildings where thermal and acoustic insulation is particularly important. The frame and the leaf in this system are of equal depth, so that the door is leveled with the frame.

AluStar 70

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AluStar 70

AluStar 70 windows allow you to achieve slim and durable structures with high thermal and acoustic insulation. In this system, there are models from the so-called hidden sash and smoke exhaust windows.

PSK AluStar 70

PSK AluStar 70 is a system that we recommend for single-family houses, multi-apartment buildings, public utility buildings and office buildings. These are classic and elegant profiles with a simple line, which can easily fit into any architectural style.



RMK is a top-mounted roller shutter. After installation, the box is invisible. The use of roller shutters significantly reduces heating costs in the winter and helps to reduce the level of heat build-up in summer.


The Renomatic door is made of sections with a thickness of 42 mm, which guarantee high heat insulation. Its internal part is galvanized and covered with a protective varnish. The garage door locks automatically into the frame when closing.

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Drzwi AluViva 77

AluViva 77

System resistant to rain and wind thanks to the use of special thermal breaks

  • Helps reduce heating costs
  • Sash and frame of equal depth
  • Economical doors for modern buildings
Drzwi AluStar 86

AluStar 86

Aluminium doors with very good thermal insulation

  • Additional thermal break
  • Resistant to weather conditions
  • Recommended for single-family houses