Aluminiowy system drzwi przesuwnych - przekrój drzwi o dużych gabarytach


Perfect solutions for home and business

Constructions with higher parameters of safety, energy efficiency, sound absorption and resistance to wind and rain in comparison to standard solutions.

JustSlide Alu

JustSlide Alu is an unique construction equipped with stand-and-slide fittings. Due to that stand-and-slide fittings make the method of closing the door be analogous to the casement windows. The construction fits well into modern architectonic trends and its lightness is a big asset of it – the door is easily movable even with two fingers only.

JustSlide Alu

Installation depth

172 mm

Number of compartments

5 / 3

Profile system

Aluplast Smart-slide




do 45 dB

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ClimaStar 76

Energy-saving, sound-absorbing and weather-resistant - ClimaStar 76 windows provide very good protection against noise, cold and moisture. We recommend this solution primarily for single-family houses.

PSK ClimaStar 76

The construction of the ClimaStar 76 system is stable and durable. Thanks to a special centre gasket, it effectively protects against the cold, wind and heavy rain.



The system is mainly designed for use in existing buildings. The boxes are made of high-quality aluminum sheets, they can have a pentagonal (SK) or oval (SKO) shape.



The C-80 model is characterised by slats with curled ends, which are stiffer and more resistant to wind gusts. Thanks to that fact, it is possible to produce blinds of larger dimensions.

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ClimaSlide 82 Motion Alu

A system that enables the production of large structures ensuring a high level of room illumination

  • A flat threshold, that is flush with the floor
  • Structures up to 6.5 m wide
  • The gasket system ensures perfect tightness

ClimaSlide 82 Motion Alu

A terrace system that enables the production of large glazings ensuring a high level of room illumination

  • The possibility to create structures up to 6.5 m wide
  • A high-quality gasket system guarantees tightness
  • It has the appearance of an aluminum window while maintaining thermal parameters of PVC window