HST-Viva-Slide-190-Acryl filplast


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Constructions with higher parameters of safety, energy efficiency, sound absorption and resistance to wind and rain in comparison to standard solutions.

Viva Slide 190 Acryl

Easy to use, excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, an almost invisible threshold and the possibility of finishing the structure in acrylcolor technology – these are the most important distinguishing features of the Viva Slide 190 system.

Viva Slide 190 Acryl

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Gealan S9000



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Viva 83

Viva 83 is distinguished by very good insulation. The innovative Acrylcolor profile coloring system is available for this type of window. Thanks to the acrylic glass coating, the window is much more resistant to external factors.

RK Therm

RK Therm is an innovative top mounted roller shutter which will reduce your heating and cooling expenses by up to 30% within a year! An additional advantage of this system is the possibility of enclosing the box and the guides.

PSK Viva 83

The Viva 83 terrace system provides excellent thermal insulation. An innovative method of coloring profiles is available for this system - Acrylcolor. Thanks to the acrylic glass coating, the constructions are more resistant to external factors, and the color does not change even after many years of sun exposure.


The Z-90 blind is the most room-darkening model. It is very effective in reducing the access of light to the room. They are equipped with a profile that silences the system when it closes.

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ClimaSlide 82 Motion

ClimaSlide 82 Motion

A system enabling the creation of large structures which can provide high level of room illumination.

  • Flat, flush to the floor threshold
  • Structures up to 6.5 m wide
  • Sealing system provides excellent tightness

ClimaSlide 82 Motion Alu

This terrace system makes it possible to create large glazed areas providing a high level of interior lighting.

  • Possibility to create structures up to 6.5 m wide
  • A high-quality gasket system guarantees tightness
  • The appearance of an aluminium window while maintaining thermal parameters