The PSK terrace system refers to parallel tilt and slide doors. When opening the door leaf, it must first be tilted, moved away from the threshold, and then slid along the guide that is located at the bottom of the construction. PSK constructions can be made in any of the window systems. We recommend this solution mainly for rooms where windows and terrace doors are close to each other - all structures can then be made in the selected system and thus their appearance can be unified.

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PSK AluViva 77

A terrace system with high resistance to strong wind and rain. It enables the production of structures with large surfaces in various…


PSK ClimaStar 82 Alu

The Climastar 82 Alu MD terrace system is a combination of the advantages of PVC and aluminum systems. It is an extremely…


PSK AluStar 70

PSK AluStar 70 is a system that we recommend for single-family houses, multi-apartment buildings, public utility buildings and office buildings. These are…


PSK ClimaStar 82

Energy efficiency at the highest level and a perfect finishing. The V-weld ensures high-quality corner connections and significantly increases the aesthetic value…


PSK ClimaStar 76

The construction of the ClimaStar 76 system is stable and durable. Thanks to a special centre gasket, it effectively protects against the…


PSK TrendStar 70

A system with a slim and solid profile. A very popular model in its class. Reinforcements used in the leaf and frame…


PSK Viva 83

The Viva 83 terrace system provides excellent thermal insulation. An innovative method of coloring profiles is available for this system - Acrylcolor. Thanks…


PSK AluStar 86

PSK AluStar 86 is also characterized by high strength and durability. It provides great acoustical and thermal insulation. We recommend this system…