You can choose from hundreds of models of fillings and colors from the full RAL palette, dozens of veneers or natural wood finishing, smart home solutions, a fingerprint reader and the possibility of ordering the door of your own idea - check our offer for the door of your dreams! Which door to choose? It depends on its purpose, the material from which it is made of, the technical parameters and the individual sense of aesthetics. Both the appearance of the house and the safety of its inhabitants depend on the door.


External roller shutters

In addition to the blackout function, external roller shutters also provide additional thermal and acoustic insulation. We offer top-mounted as well as front-mounted roller shutters. They differ in where and how they are installed and the level of heat loss protection they provide. The roller shutter box can be visible or hidden under the facade. The stage at which they are installed is also important, with some models having to be taken into account already when the building is designed.


External venetian blinds

These are elegant and modern aluminum outdoor sunshades. Their simple and lightweight construction makes it possible to use them for large glazings. They can also be combined modularly with each other. They provide protection from the sun and allow for individual sunlight regulation. They can be an element diversifying the appearance of building facades. They are resistant to weather conditions and mechanical damage.


Garage doors

Every garage should be both safe and functional. Garage doors provide protection against weather conditions, protect the car against theft and prevent unauthorised entry into your home. When choosing a particular type of door it is necessary to consider the space available for installation. Our wide range of door designs and colors allows you to match it to the entire woodwork at home.


Solutions for companies

Innovative solutions tailored to the individual needs of each company. Our offer includes both fire and smoke exhaust systems, emergency exit and anti-panic doors, modern partition wall systems, aluminium and glass facades, as well as anti-virus screens. Choose the perfect solution for your business with the help of our experts. Filplast solutions are tailored to the needs of our customers.


Terrace systems

Big glazings visually enlarge the space of the house interior and enrich it with views that change with the seasons. They connect the interiors with the terrace. Complemented with a low threshold, they eliminate all potential barriers. Thanks to the sizable glass surface, they let a lot of natural light into the interior space. PSK, HST, or maybe JustSlide? Which system to choose for your home? This depends on the dimensions of the structure, the style of building it will be used in, weather conditions, available space, and the individual needs of the users.



Aluminium and PVC windows differ primarily in appearance, resistance to deformation under the influence of weather conditions and the weight of the structure, thermal insulation and price resulting from the cost of used materials. Which windows to choose? It depends on the architectural style of the building, its location, the structure's exposition to strong wind, rain, sunlight, noise, and the expectations and taste of the users.


Winter gardens

A modern solution to complete any home. The design of a conservatory allows the space to be used all year round. Lots of glass, panoramic views and lots of light often make it the favorite place to relax for household members and guests. Winter gardens are made of aluminum elements with glass walls and a glass roof. It is possible to design glass terrace doors and windows - according to individual customer preferences. Contact us to see how your own conservatory could look like.


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AluViva 102

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AluViva 62

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